Time and Attendance Software

Everything you need for payroll

Once setup is complete every time-related aspect of your payroll process will be tracked and managed in our system.  After time cards are reviewed and approved the data can be imported into your core software in just a few clicks.  With our Time Keeping platform we’ll automate the collection and entry of:

  • Time and Attendance (with the detail needed for FLSA and ACA reporting)
  • Overtime, comp-time, or benefit earned or used
  • Shift differentials
  • Step ups in pay based on a special job or role

Easy Mobile Access

With our mobile apps employees and supervisors can review and manage:

  • Schedules and shifts
  • Paid time off
  • Absence requests
  • Benefit time
  • Time cards
  • and more…

Make Scheduling a Breeze

We can setup any number of schedules and shifts for your employees.  From simple 9-5 weekday office schedules to complex shifts for emergency services or departments with 24/7 operations.  All of your pay rules for lunch breaks, overtime, comp time, and shift premiums are automatically tracked and applied as well.

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